Are you tired of watching users sign up to your SaaS and never come back?

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I'll show you how to fix your product's onboarding and turn more signups into customers, with a personalized 45min video review.

I am Jim, a UX coach and SaaS founder, and the last 10 years I have helped dozens of SaaS teams improve their onboarding experience and increase their user activation rate.

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The Problem

Here is what fellow SaaS teams struggled with, before they ordered their review.

"I'm not sure if my product's onboarding is good enough - I need a second-pair of eyes from a SaaS UX expert"
"I am watching users sign up and leave without using my product - I have no clue of why this happens"
"My product is complicated and I have no clue what's the right way to onboard users"

The Solution

A 45min personalized video review of your onboarding flow, with insights that will surprise you.

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UX issues that make users drop off

I have never used your product and I have no idea what to expect. Watching me using it, will reveal you what people struggle with when they try it out for their first time.

Growth opportunities for your roadmap

Some of the issues I'll spot will be critical for your growth and will worth investing the time to fix.

UX suggestions from a 10y experienced designer

I have been helping founders with UX since 2011. Once I test your onboarding flow, I'll come up with ideas and tips on how to improve the issues I found.

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45 minutes video review of your onboarding flow

What's in the video
  • An unbiased first time user experience of me using your product's onboarding flow

  • UX issues that cause drop off

  • Growth opportunities to add to your roadmap

  • Tips on how to improve your onboarding

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"Findings were 🤯

  • 👉  Whole process was super-efficient. We never spoke live or spent too much time.
  • 👉  It helped that Jim is not from our industry. His feedback was that much more raw and effective.
  • 👉  We have several items to address in the coming weeks/months.
Product UI/UX is the most underrated feature."

Gaurav Harode

Founder of

Here are some of the teams that tried it outJim's memojiArrow down

Shoutout makes it incredibly easy to tap into your existing social proof and turn it into a beautiful "Wall of Love".

A SaaS backed by YCombinator to showcase your work with instantly shareable videos, all in your web browser.

An online Academy for entrepreneurs to learn how to build their startup in a two-week remote sprint.

A B2C marketplace for music festival tickets with 5 million unique users.

A sales enablement SaaS for b2b marketing teams that arms sales and customer facing teams with the right content and enable buyers with useful content experiences.

One of the best managed WordPress hosting providers (PaaS) in the market, focused on stunning performance and customer-experience.

The next-generation feedback platform designed to make feedback at work actionable, continuous, and human.

My Mission

Empower SaaS teams build products their users will love, at their first try.

Since 2011 I am focused on figuring out what makes great products, great. My goal has been always to be 50% teacher and 50% practitioner. To put the work first, build, test and validate ideas and then share all of my learnings with my own customers.

Alongside with Love at first try, I am building my own SaaS product,, that aims to make user-testing more accessible, and mentor design students at the most popular UX academy on the internet, Interaction Design Foundation.

In the past I had the chance to lead the design team at TicketSwap, a marketplace of music festival tickets with 5 milion unique users and to also help dozens of startups in US and Europe. Great user experience is my passion and I am always excited to help and empower new teams. If you are looking for help, I would love to have you on board!

Jim Zarkadas

UX Coach & Indie SaaS founder

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